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SPIRIT OF ANKH is the project of SIDHA ULLY, a German born musician and producer.

Until the late 1980s, SIDHA ULLY was a successful studio musician and producer of popular music and was awarded a gold record. An excerpt of his work can be heard here on Spotify, e.g. the album MOSAIC OF LIGHT. In the 90s, SIDHA ULLY withdrew from the music industry to devote himself to meditative music.

His spiritual journey took him to Bali, where he celebrated numerous performances with national and international musicians. Here he also discovered his interest in music and healing, learned various meditation and healing techniques.

SIDHA ULLY creates music to heal the body, mind and soul. His focus is guided and instrumental meditation music in English and German language. Through meditation and music, he wants to help people find more inner peace and clarity.

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cover spirit of ankh sutra
cover spirit of ankh morning prayer meditation
cover spirit of ankh guten morgen meditation
cover spirit of ankh deep sleep meditation
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